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Friday, February 12, 2010

MSN article about college classes that will help you in the 'real' world

A recent article on 'MSN Careers' listed 7 courses you should take to help you in the real world:
1. Personal finance/accounting
2. Technology
3. Public speaking
4. Writing
5. Marketing
6. Sales
7. Management

In order to become proficient in a career as a financial planner, you will need to be proficient at almost all of these. So in addition to your financial planning courses, you should incorporate courses into your degree plan that will improve your proficiency in the topics listed above. Here are some courses you should add:

*COMM 263 (Public speaking)
*RPS 205 (Professional sales)
*RPS 420 (Financial services selling)
*FIN 490 (Internship in finance)
*COMM 360 (Interpersonal communication)
*ENG 207 (Effective business writing)

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