WPU is proud to be the 1st officially registered student chapter of the Financial Planning Association.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Guest Speaker: Mark Germain of Beacon Wealth Management

SPEAKER: Mark Germain, CFP(r), MBA
EVENT: WPU student chapter of the FPA
DATE: 3/5/2010
TOPIC: "Top 10 mistakes made by financial planners"

Mark Germain, Founder & CEO of Beacon Wealth Management presented a brutally honest analysis of the most common mistakes made by new and veteran professionals in the field. Some of the mistakes related to reporting, not having errors and omissions, charging too much, not knowing the clients goals, objectives, or risk tolerance and my personal favorite: too much golf. "You need to know everything about everything." Even if it sounds unrealistic, Mark expressed that your clients expect you to know the answer to every question. He shared that he consistently takes at least 2x the educational requirements for his certifications because you need to always be learning in this profession.

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